Featured Members

The work of the UChicago Arts Alumni is incredibly diverse and worthy of praise.

Deborah Wolfson, AB'04 (April 2014)

David Pickett, AB'07 (July 2014)

Abbie Reese, MFA'13 (September 2014)

Juliette Feld, AB'05 (April 2015)  

Meredith Miller, AB'98 (May 2015) 

Tiffany Gholar, AB'01 (June 2015) 

Robert Eric Shoemaker, AB'14 (August 2015)

Julie Burros, AB'86 (September 2015) 

If you know of an alumna/alumnus who you believe should be recognized for their work, email us at webmaster@uchicagoartsalumni.org.