ART trip INto the world of SANITY

Seven artists from Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, New York and Berlin respond to the questions posed by curator Andrei Rabodzeenko:
What does it mean to be sane? Do you have to know what’s sane, to know the borders, parameters of insanity? Do you often see the world as a sick brew of insane characters? Do you feel you have to survive in this insane world? What’s your way? Do you have to pretend that you are insane as well in order to blend in, match? Or do you stay clear and show what you are? Are you afraid to become as insane as the rest of the world? Do you think that the world is all sane, but you might be losing it? What is it for you, as an artist -- is it a game, is it everyday survival, or...?

The artists' responses, in media ranging from drawings to video, from leather dolls to 3D assemblages, will be on view at 1824 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago (just north of the 606/Bloomingdale Trail) for four days, from Thursday, November 5th through Sunday, November 8th. Two performances will also address the topic, on Friday and Saturday. This event is organized by Jenny Rabodzeenko, PhD'98.

Join us:
Thursday, Nov. 5 -- Opening, 5:30pm - 9pm
Friday, Nov. 6 -- Interactive performance by Matt Bodett, 6pm
                     --  Talk by creativity facilitator Shruti Sekhri, 7pm
Saturday, Nov. 7 -- Noise performance by Nate Kuhl, Andrei Rabodzeenko, 8pm
Sunday, Nov. 8 -- Chat anytime with curator Andrei Rabodzeenko, 2pm - 6pm

The venue is generously provided by TOCA.

Andrei Rabodzeenko will be on site Friday - Sunday, from 2pm.

All events are free.

Event Contact
Jenny Rabodzeenko PhD'98